What Wall Street sells doesn’t work. Worse than that, what Wall Street (along with the financial media and most of the financial services industry) sells is sheer misinformation. The idea is to confuse you. If you have come to this website, you have probably figured out this much already.

This site is dedicated to showing investors how to craft a fairly simple investing plan without using a financial adviser or a newsletter system. Over the course of a long investing lifetime, this simple method can reasonably be expected to perform better than what 80-90% of investors do just by avoiding big mistakes. Essentially, the key is to get broad diversification, at a level of risk that you can handle, and at low cost. You don’t need a perfect plan, you just need a good plan that you can stick with.

Welcome to Investing Truth, the home for two continuing education classes–Investing 101: Money, Math and Behavior, also known as Investing for Retirement.  Right now the website is being updated, so it is a little more chaotic than it should be, but the information is here.

Please enjoy the site, and don’t hesitate to comment on questions, or send them by email.


Posted May 9, 2011 by LaurenVignec